Fast, Big and Soft
Air Date July 31, 2008
Anime Strike Witches


Yoshika Miyafuji is seen dreaming about Lynette Bishop's breasts and how she's groping them, however Lynette herself wakes her up, unaware of the dream. Lynette talks to Yoshika, but Yoshika is distracted by her breasts. Yoshika attempts to grope them, but at the last second pulls away and accidentally gropes Mio Sakamoto. Sakamoto then explains that they will be going to the beach to train, much to Yoshika's dissapointment. At the beach the girls go through their training sessions as Charlotte "Shirley" E. Yeager tries to break her speed record successfully. Francesca Lucchini grabs her goggles, but breaks Shirley's striker units. She doesn't know which parts to put back together, however she manages to disguise the damage as a Neuroi attack begins. The girls get ready as Shirley flies fast towards the Neuroi. Lucchini explains the incident as she is beaten for it. Yoshika and Lynette pursue Shirley, however are unable to keep up. Shirley reaches high speeds and runs right through the Neuroi, killing it. Yoshika and Lynette see Shirley, who flies higher as her bikini disintegrates and her striker units fall off. The duo catch Shirley before she can fall into the water. Yoshika begins to squeeze her naked breast as Lynette awkwardly watches, refusing to explain the situation.