Koneko's Gone a Little Over the Top... Meow
Air Date May 23, 2012
Anime Highschool DXD


While Rias Gremory is showering, Koneko Toujou and Asia Argento are in the living room and Asia accidentally serves Koneko tea Rias had prepped to cure Issei Hyodo's perverse nature. Koneko then develops a perverse nature of her own and gropes Asia's breasts. Rias realizes the situation and panics and gets Koneko's attention. Koneko then tackles Rias and pulls off her towel. Asia tries to talk to her, but ends up getting her clothes shredded. Rias tries to help Asia, but Koneko darts back and grabs her naked breasts and begins to play with them. Rias then concludes that she made the spell too powerful and they can't escape Koneko's grip due to her immense strength. The duo reluctantly decide to let Koneko play with their bodies until the spell wears off. Asia then calls out to Koneko who yells loudly, but nothing happens. Her skirt then falls off. Koneko then decides to shower with the duo as she continues to rub her face in their breasts when Issei turns up and overhears Koneko, Rias and Asia.