Magical Girl
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Air Date July 3, 2008
Anime Strike Witches


The series begins with Yoshika Miyafuji. A 14-year-old ditzy, fun loving girl who finds a cat stuck on a branch. While approaching it her friends beg her not to in worry she'll get yelled at. She saves the cat, but is left hanging by her shirt. She gets scolded as she heads to her farm. She is being watched by Mio Sakamoto, the major of the Strike Witches. After witnessing Yoshika heal her friend she asks Yoshika is she will join the Strike Witches, however she refuses, until she finds a letter stating her father is alive. She heads out, but claims she won't join and she's only along for the ride. After getting acquainted Sakamoto accidentally walks in on her half naked and apologizes when a neuroi alert is launched. On the beach Charlotte "Shirley" E. Yeager and Francesca Lucchini are lying in the sunlight as Perrine-Henriette Clostermann (who has a strong fondness of Sakamoto) orders them to get ready to fight, only leading to Shirley and Lucchini insulting her as the Neuroi closes in on the ship.