Moonlit Hunting Grounds
Black Lagoon e6
Air Date May 13, 2006
Anime Black Lagoon


The Lagoon Crew prepare to attack the Nazi crew who had ripped them off during their submergence under the sea. Revy and Dutch storm the ship as Revy shoots the first guard, alerting the rest. Revy then continues to shoot at the guards until she comes across some innocent civilians and shoots at them, but she is stopped by Dutch who concludes that Revy's reckless behavior will get her and Dutch killed. The two threaten each other, but after careful consideration and another soldier showing up, they press on. Revy is confronted by a large man who wields a powerful gun, but Revy shoots him and insults him. Dutch confronts the leader Ratchman. The boss Sir Alfred commends Dutch for his skill as he deduces that Alfred set them up. Alfred then ends the phone call and Dutch smashes the phone. Revy tosses Ratchman a gun as they bet on who will live, Revy and Dutch immediately bet against him as Ratchman shoots at them only to find that the gun isn't loaded. Revy and Dutch then finish off Ratchman. After the shootout Revy concludes that Rock is a good guy, but she cannot work with him any longer.