Nice and Breezy
Normal Strike Witches(DVD)07-20
Air Date August 14, 2008
Anime Strike Witches


Sanya Litvyak sneaks into Elia Ilmatar Juutilainen's room to cuddle, she initially refuses, but eventually agrees. The next moring, Erica Hartmann is woken up by Gertrud Barkhorn in reminder that she is getting a medal, Hartmann asks for more sleep, but Barkhorn is insistant and Hartmann eventually wakes up. However after she wakes up Gertrud gets a full view of her naked front and asks her to put some pants on. Hartmann cannot find any so she sneaks out without panties and steals Francesca Lucchini's panties. Lucchini notices her panties missing and steals Perrine-Henriette Clostermann's, but is caught in the process as Yoshika Miyafuji's clothes are stolen. The girls chase after Lucchini while Lynette Bishop and Minna-Dietlinde Wilcker are out inspecting. Yoshika and Perrine are left without panties as Yoshika climbs a tree after Lucchini, but she covers her butt and falls out of the tree. Lucchini hides and accidentally pulls the alarm and is busted by Hartmann, who stops the girls from heading out. During Hartmann's ceremony Lucchini is left without panties as Hartmann's award is presented the girls see Lucchini's panties on Hartmann, revealing she was the actual thief.