Roronoa Zoro vs Dracule Mihawk
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Number of Times Fought 1
Anime One Piece
Aftermath Monkey D. Luffy attacks Mihawk.
Winner Dracule Mihawk
Story Arc Baratie Arc

Roronoa Zoro vs Dracule Mihawk is a fight that occurs in One Piece.

First FightEdit

Zoro sees Mihawk after he slices Don Krieg's ship. Zoro immediately engages him and Mihawk pulls out his pocket knife to fight Zoro. He easily is able to block Zoro, much to his dissatisfaction. Zoro is then stabbed by the knife. Mihawk acts surprised because of Zoro's determination. He then unsheathes his giant black sword and him and Zoro clash, with two of Zoro's swords breaking. Zoro then puts his third sword away and lets Mihawk cut him down, prompting Monkey D. Luffy to subsequently attack him.