Roronoa Zoro vs Hatchan
Number of Times Fought 1
Anime One Piece
Aftermath Hatchan passes out.
Winner Roronoa Zoro
Story Arc Arlong Park Arc

Roronoa Zoro vs Hatchan is a fight that occured in the anime One Piece.

First FightEdit

Angered at Zoro for cutting down his fishman comrades, Hatchan engages Zoro, who is still injured from his fight with Dracule Mihawk. Hatchan punches the pillar near Zoro and it falls near him, but he pushes Hatchan under. Hathcan however, survives and attempts to use his six sword style. An undaunted Zoro asks Johnny and Yosaku for their swords (two of his were broken during the aforementioned fight with Mihawk). After this Zoro uses a series of techniques to shatter Hatchan's swords and proceeds to finish him with his Tatsu Maki.