Satellizer L. Bridget vs Miyabi Kannazuki
Ep 166095 0
Number of Times Fought 1
Aftermath Satellizer is molested by Miyabi.
Winner Miyabi Kannazuki
Story Arc Introductory Arc

Satellizer L. Bridget vs Miyabi Kannazuki is a fight that occured in the anime Freezing.

First FightEdit

Satellizer and Kazuya are confronted by Miyabi and her team of limiters, Miyabi challenges Satellizer after Satellizer rudely tried to ignore her. Miyabi and Satellizer fight and Miyabi seems to gain the upper hand until Satellizer cuts her cheek, horrifying her. Miyabi then angrily has her limiters apprehend her and she demands an apology. Satellizer begs her to let Kazuya go, but Miyabi cuts her shirt open and sets her limiters to beat up Kazuya. Satellizer watches in horror and is then groped by Miyabi.