Satellizer L. Bridget vs Rana Linchen
Rana vs Satellizer
Number of Times Fought 1
Anime Freezing
Winner None
Story Arc 3rd Year Retaliation Arc

Satellizer L. Bridget vs Rana Linchen is a fight that occurred in the anime Freezing.

First FightEdit

Rana tries to make Satellizer acknowledge that she wants Kazuya Aoi to be her partner. Satellizer attempts to walk away, but Rana grabs her shoulder resulting in Satellizer punching her out of instinct. Rana and Satellizer then fight and the prove evenly matched, until Rana uses her burning fang technique to seemingly defeat Satellizer. Rana praises Satellizer for her power, but Satellizer rises again and attempts to fight her, but Kazuya arrives and stops the fight.