That Which I Can Do
Air Date August 7, 2008
Anime Strike Witches


Neuroi start attacking, however the Strike Witches are late while the marines wait for them. Mio Sakamoto concludes that is is too dangerous for Yoshika Miyafuji to venture out against the Neuroi. Yoshika is worried Sakamoto will die, so she gives her a communicater to keep in touch with her. Sakamoto sets off as Yoshika is left in the room alone, however Yoshika wants to fight so she gets some chemicals. Sakamoto spots her and scolds her for disobeying orders. However, she cannot help out on the ground, so she gets some striker units to fly with Sakamoto. Yoshika struggles at first, but gets the hang of flight. Yoshika and Sakamoto attack the Neuroi, however cannot find the core. Francesca Lucchini, Gertrud Barkhorn, Erica Hartmann, and Perrine-Henriette Clostermann finally arrive to help. After many failed attempts they expose the core as Sakamoto destroys it. Afterwards Sakamoto and Yoshika share a hug as Perrine angrily asks who Yoshika is and why the is hugging Sakamoto. Yoshika later arrives at her fathers grave and remembers when he died, she then changes her mind and decides to join the Strike Witches.