We're the Same
Strike Witches(DVD)06-03
Air Date August 7, 2008
Anime Strike Witches


The 501st's budget is getting cut, much to Mio Sakamoto's frustration. A neuroi is suddenly spotted as Sanya Litvyak is told to inspect the monster. The monster is then beaten only being seen by Sanya. The others arrive too late. Elia Ilmatar Juutilainen checks to see is Sanya's okay. Yoshika and Sanya are paired into a night team and Elia insists on joining as well. Sanya's room is darkened to prepare for night flight, although Sanya says it's always like that. Elia and Yoshika bathe together in time to hear Sonya singing. Soon after the group head out to inspect the grounds to find a neuroi. Elia fires a missile at the neuroi, but has no effect. Sanya then takes her place and destroys the Neuroi at the cost of one of her Strike Units. Sanya then calls out to her parents as Sakamoto and Minna point out the neuroi's obsession with Sanya.