You're Not Alone
Air Date August 14, 2008
Anime Strike Witches


Yoshika Miyafuji wakes up and wonders where she is, but suddenly remembers that she joined the Strike Witches. At the same time Mio Sakamoto is training on the fields as Yoshika speaks to her, much to the dissatisfaction of Perrine-Henriette Clostermann who has a crush on the major. Yoshika is then formally introduced to the class, but when she gets her kit she immediately turns down her gun, soon after Francesca Lucchini gropes her breasts and concludes that they are small. Soon Lynette Bishop, Erica Hartmann, Charlotte "Shirley" E. Yeager and other witches are introduced. Lynette then shows Yoshika around her room, she then takes her to the bathhouse where she gets a view of Shirley's breasts. Yoshika is then shown around the rest of the campus and is subsequently ordered to train, but is left exhausted afterwards. Lynette then reveals that where the Neuroi attack is her homeland, making her feel sad. The next day a Neuroi in the form of a rocket. The girls are tricked and Yoshika and Lynette are left behind, but the duo eventually set of after Yoshika convinces them they are ready. Lynette then attempts to shoot the neuroi, but is too nervous to, until Yoshika supports her and Lynette gets a shot. Lynette then hugs Yoshika, but this causes both of them to fall in the water. The duo celebrate and become friends as Lynette hugs her again.